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The Benedictine Abbey of San Pietro was the seat of the Bremetense Order, one of the most powerful in Italy and Europe. Restored around 1650, today the abbey houses the town hall. Also worth visiting are the Romanesque baptistery (8th-10th centuries), the crypt (10th century) and the rural sanctuary of Santa Maria di Pollicino (private property).
  • 21 September 2022
The Bosco Basso heronry is located in the municipalities of Breme and Sartirana. The high humidity of the soil is maintained by some natural springs, from which the Giardino cable and the Massa colatore branch off, used for irrigation purposes. Among the reeds there are also examples of bittern, a non-gregarious heron, river nightingale and great reed warblers.
The "Lago di Sartirana" heronry is located near an oxbow lake formed in the 18th century by a bend in the Sesia river. It has long been known not only for its luxuriant reeds but also for its migratory birdlife.