Beccaria Litta Castle - Gambolò

Built around the X century, the Castle of Gambolò was rearranged many times, before finally becoming a countryside villa at the request of Marquis Agostino Litta

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The origins of this building complex date back to the X century with the construction of a castrum (a fortified structure meant to protect the local population) and it was subjected to many restorations and rearrangements over the course of centuries.

Currently its conformation is similar to that of the characteristic Visconti-Sforza structures (XIV century), with a square plan and angular towers, to which other buildings were added later on. Of this structure we can still see part of the city walls with visible brick, the ravelin over the moat and the moat itself. Part of the ancient internal court has been turned into a carpark.

Around the middle of the XV century, the fief of Gambolò was gifted to the Beccaria family and later bought for 60.400 Lire by the Marquis Agostino Litta. He decided to transform the Castle into a countryside villa with a wide garden and a representative entrance, giving the ancient structure its current form.

The mansion built by the Litta family, which unfolds in the western part of the castle, has an internal courtyard with two colonnades. The main entrance is marked by the long path with walled wings in visible brick which ends with a bridge ravelin over the moat. Its main turret (on which we can still admire the traces of the draw-bridge) was turned into a segmental-arched entryway in 1680.

By the end of the XVI century the Litta family began to build a gallery nowadays called “Long Sleeve” attached to the eastern city wall. Due to a series of issues, the construction stopped with the squared tower at the center of the structure, which was connected to the castle through the Mirabella tower. The construction work was concluded only at the beginning of the XVIII century when a viewpoint with a railing was added to the circular tower.

Eventually the castle came under the control of the Robecchi family and later to the Commune of Gambolò.

The seat of the Archeological Museum of Lomellina is on the first floor of the Long Sleeve complex.

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