Alagna Castle

The castle, built by the Malaspina after 1534 for defensive purposes, stands in the main square of the town. Private property.

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Villanova castle - Cassolnovo
Villanova castle - Cassolnovo
The castle located in the hamlet of Villanova, dating back to the 14th century, was the country residence of the Sforza dukes, who experimented there for the first time with the cultivation of rice in Lomellina.
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Velezzo Lomellina Parish Church
Velezzo Lomellina Parish Church
The Parish Church, one of the oldest churches in Lomellina dedicated to the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is an architectural complex documented as early as the 10th century. Next to the church there is the baptistery of San Giovanni Battista and, not far away, stands the oratory of the Madonna dello Zocco, originally a pagan temple.