Sant'Albino of Mortara Abbey

The Carolingian abbey of Sant'Albino was the scene of the battle between Charlemagne, king of the Franks, and Desiderio, the last Lombard ruler (12 October 773). The Frankish paladins Amico and Amelio, perished in the battle, are the object of devotion of the pilgrims who go to Rome along the Via Francigena.

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San Valeriano of Robbio Abbey
San Valeriano of Robbio Abbey
The Abbey of San Valeriano (5th-6th century) was rebuilt by the Cluniac monks at the end of the 11th century: initially dedicated to Andrea, it was dedicated to Valeriano in 1236, when the body was transferred there.
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Basilica complex of Santa Maria Maggiore in Lomello
Basilica complex of Santa Maria Maggiore in Lomello
The religious complex in the center of the town consists of the baptistery of San Giovanni "ad fontes" (5th - 7th century, Lombard monument with the remains of the original baptismal font) and the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore (11th century, early Romanesque period Lombard).