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Experience the tourist itineraries and the art exhibitions offered by Lomellina thanks to our localization system and professional tour guides

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Lomellina has a great touristic potential, created by the centuries of history connecting this area with the stories of medieval and renaissance noble families, among which the most famous are the Visconti and the Sforza. 
Its territory is rich in history and culture, closed off in its plethora of castles, monuments and historic buildings which often stay unknown and inaccessible for tourists and even for the locals. 

These hidden treasures can be brought back to light by tour guides, capable of promoting their origins and reconstructing all their evolutions over the course of centuries
Professionals of the tourism industry and experts of the history of the territory dedicate their knowledge and their passion in order to create fascinating tourist itineraries into the heart of Lomellina

Aside from historic buildings and monuments, tour guides showcase the artistic potential of the territory introducing in the itineraries exhibits of painting, photography and much more!
The promotion of Lomellina exceeds the national borders and organizes international events and exhibitions.

Guided tours are open for every age group, for single people or groups, accompanied by presentations in several European languages in order to give the widest possible echo to the beauty and the noble history of the territory.


Among the associations dealing with touristic promotion in Lomellina: Vigevano Promotions 

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