The Lomellina Basket: products and flavors from Lomellina

Lomellina is tradition, culture and gastronomic excellences: the Lomellina Basket is the territorial initiative which promotes and highlights the delicacies of the territory

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The territory of Lomellina has an abundance of excellent local products, every one of which is the result of ancient culinary tradition, preserved and passed on from one generation to the other by local producers. Many of these delicacies have even received territorial recognitions, such as the De.Co qualification (Municipal Designation of Origin).

In order to promote these specialities and show the variety of products from Lomellina, the Ecomuseum of Lomellina’s Landscape created an initiative in 2017 meant to unite the different local producers with clients’ individual preferences: the “Lomellina Basket”, a basket enriched by over thirty traditional products and sold in over sixteen retail outlets distributed on the territory. The basket allows you to enjoy a taste of the flavors from Lomellina, rediscovering already known delicacies and tasting new delicious products.
Based on your own preferences and disponibility, you can build your own basket in a variety of sizes and with a selection of products of different entities. Whatever option and price point you choose, you will always have the guarantee of quality and respect of the local culinary traditions of Lomellina. 

The best way to get to know a territory and its traditions is to taste its most delicious and emblematic products: what better way to discover the delicacies from Lomellina if not directly from the carefully selected producers who keep the local culinary tradition alive?

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