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Book your tour with our expert tour guides and discover all the monuments, historic buildings and fragments of local history

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The entire Lomellina area is dotted with castles and fortresses, remains of the history of noble families, each of them preserving its own legends, myths and personalities, whose stories are handed down to us by the artifacts and works of art present inside these historic buildings.

Many of these castles can be admired and explored, thanks to guided tours organized by experts in the touristic field, skilled in weaving the historical events of which these buildings were the background and in highlighting their most intriguing characteristics.
From the past to the present, the guides will take you along the centuries of history of the monuments in Lomellina.

Guided tours are open to anyone interested in discovering the history of the area, from adults to children, from groups to individuals, with the possibility of listening to the presentation in various European languages. Find the combination that's right for you and venture through the pages of the history of the magnificent Lomellina area!

(Among the associations that deal with tourism promotion in Lomellina: Vigevano Promotions)

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