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On the first floor of the Farmer's Museum of Frascarolo, the Stable, Carts and Chariots section hosts a statue by Gian Luigi Giovanola.

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The Farmer’s Museum of Frascarolo was opened on the 15th of June 2002 inside the structure of the ancient agricultural court of the Frascarolo Castle and it is divided in different sections.

On the first floor of the Museum there are different carts and chariots, some with the sides and others without them, one even has an elongated shape typical of Tuscany. The latter maintains a reddish hue, while all the carts from Lomellina are light blue.
The farming wagons are multiple and they’re everywhere, being a natural extension of the territory and of the work in the fields. They can be two or four-wheeled, carts, wagons and chariots of all shapes and for many uses: they are the most emblematic image of the farming civilization of the time. Buggies are a separate story, differing from carts due to the lightness of the structure and their assigned function: carts transport loads and there are slow, buggies transport people and they are fast . Simplicity and dinamicità are the main differences, aside from the fact that carts are easy to come by, whereas buggies are hard to preserve and chariots even more so.
Also on the first floor starting from June 2005 there is a statue called “The Great Mare”, a work by the painter and sculptor Gian Luigi Giovanola. He created it inside the museum, over the course of two years, using small pieces of wood and reaching a height of five meters. Today it is surrounded by a series of painting celebrating the artist.