Ancient Typography - Frascarolo

Situated inside the Farmer's Museum, it hosts the printing equipment of the Gervasini Family, whose first owner was the Director of the journal "L'eco della Lomellina"

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The family Gervasini’s typography, which was active in Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi from the end of the 1800s to the end of the 1900s.
The first owner of the typography, Albino Gervasini, was also the director of the newspaper “L’eco della Lomellina” from 1891 to 1943.
All the equipment on display belonged to the workshop where all the steps of the production of printed texts took place, using matrices composed of  moveable types or slabs. They are being exposed in the Museum along with panels describing the successive steps of the production process.
The typographic machines were donated to the Museum by the Gervasini heirs, the ladies Rosalia Carpani and Bianca Carpani Savini.
Many wooden types were also preserved: they are very hard, of all possible shapes and they fill up many drawers and chests. The copper molds are more recent (a small collection of the emblems of all political parties of the time) and finally the aluminum letters which were used in the newspaper typographies.