New Year's Eve in Lomellina

Sparkling wine and other typical products from Lomellina: a few essential ideas for the midnight dinner and New Year’s luncheon

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The biggest unknown that everyone is asking is: what should we do on New Year's Eve? This question haunts us not just starting from December or even November, it already becomes a problem around August. Because you have to book a chic restaurant, which may very likely respond with "I'm sorry, but we're full"  if you don't book very early, or rather extremely in advance.
So you are left with no idea what to do, always falling back on the usual questions "are we staying at home?", "Are we going to the city center?", "Are we going to some club?" and then end up spending the evening without celebration, as if it were an ordinary day.
New Year's Eve is an opportunity to celebrate what has been good in the past year and to celebrate the end of the bad things that have happened to kick off a new period, in the hopes that it will be better than the previous one (even if it almost never is ...). This is fueled by the tradition of eating lentils after midnight (usually at lunch) because they bring wealth, not only in economic terms but also in emotional and working terms. Maybe there was someone to whom they have brought prosperity, or so we like to think, because like every year we find ourselves deciding at the last minute how to celebrate, whether it is better to stick to tradition or try something new, either a family evening or with friends.
The answer is: everything goes!
If you are not with those you love, but in a nice club or restaurant with a great menu, you get bored and think about what it would be like if those people were present, whereas if you are with them, but not in the location you like, you wonder what it would be like if ...?
Everyone wants to spend a nice New Year's Eve night, watching fireworks, counting down to midnight and when it comes time to make a toast, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Everyone comes up with the despised list of good resolutions for the new year and, in order to make it come true, we need to give an answer to the fateful question that meets every expectation, not necessarily following the mass or the fashion of the moment.
There are many places where you can spend New Year's Eve: what matters is to be happy and send the old year out with a bang.

We have some ideas for you. You can have an aperitif based on savory snacks and cold cuts accompanied by the classic Spritz or a good wine of the area, a sushi dinner, for lovers of Japanese cuisine, or simply a pizza, which never tires.
If you don't like any of the above, you might find some good suggestions among our events.

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24 January