Mid-August in Lomellina

Barbecues with friends and family or relaxation and walks in nature? Discover all the possibilities to experience mid-August in Lomellina

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Mid-August is a festivity that has pagan origins and initially fell on the 1st of August. But in the eighteenth century B.C. emperor Augustus decided to dedicate the whole month to rest and the celebrations of divinity, thus establishing the feriae augusti, or "Augustus' rest". During one of the most important celebrations that took place in this period, on August 13th, nobles and plebeians gathered to celebrate the goddess Diana, one of the most important divinities for the ancient Romans.
This anniversary, in the seventh century, was absorbed by the Catholic Church when the Assumption of the Virgin Mary began to be celebrated on the 15th of the month.

The day of the Assumption is the summer festival, where we dedicate ourselves to family and fun, accompanied by the good cuisine of Lomellina. Many spend the day at the beach or in the mountains, between walks and picnics, while others are satisfied with a walk in a park or staying in their own garden. The latter often host barbecues with groups of friends or families, taking advantage of a hot summer day to have fun and enjoy chops, sausages and steaks, accompanied by refreshing drinks. The little ones don't care about what they eat, but play in the open air. On this occasion we take advantage of the company to make new friends with guests or even get to know "barbeque's neighbors". Often, music is the background to chatter, jokes and games, which helps to make the atmosphere around us more cheerful and carefree.

If on the one hand there are those who prefer an escape into the greenery, on the other hand many prefer to spend August 15th visiting villages and cities, where some historical representations of the ancient festivities are put on display, taking visitors back in time and involving visitors. You can always find the events organized by the villages and the Pro Loco of Lomellina and, in the late evening, the fireworks that light up the sky, attracting above all children, who are enchanted, an emotion that even adults cannot escape.

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24 January