Mardi Gras in Lomellina

“Chiacchiere”, fritters, masks and much more: discover all the events in Lomellina to make the most fun festivity of the year unforgettable.

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Mardi Gras is one of the most awaited moments of the year, a festive period characterized by joy, bright colors and playfulness that chase away the cold and gray of winter. While the little ones can't wait to dress up and have fun together with jokes and games,adults await this festivity to taste the typical sweets and to become children again for a moment.
The origins of the Carnival date back to the times of ancient Romans, who celebrated the Saturnalia in the period between 17 and 23 December. During this period hierarchical roles were reversed to create a restorative chaos, in order to start the year with a renewed and strengthened social order.
In Christian countries, the holiday is associated with Shrove Tuesday and the beginning of Lent: the name "carnival", in fact, would seem to derive from the Latin expression "carnes levare", i.e. removing the meat and therefore the excesses during the forty days before Easter.

The most fun festivity of the year, celebrated in Italy in the period between February and March depending on the date of Easter, has always had two essential elements that characterize it: traditional sweets and masks. Both have very ancient origins and are still appreciated by everyone, especially by the little ones who look forward to this period all year round to be able to wear their favorite costumes.
Among the typical carnival desserts, chiacchiere and frittelle are definitely the most delicious: these very sweet fried specialties enchant everyone with their simplicity.
This period is full of unmissable events for all ages: parades with colored floats, costume parties and fairs organized to celebrate this joyous occasion which introduces the Easter period.

At Carnival every joke counts, but so does every occasion to celebrate and have fun together!

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04 March