Christmas markets in Lomellina

Turn the Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch into unforgettable moments thanks to the products from Lomellina, to adorn your table during the Holidays

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While the little ones are waiting for Santa Claus, the adults look for their Santa Claus in Christmas markets, where between handmade products, decorations and gifts they find a pretext to spend a day of happiness, without worries, to get away from everyday life and surround themselves with people they love.
The villages that host the markets are full of magic, which surrounds us only during Christmas time and it grows more and more as we approach Christmas Eve. The markets accompany us to the advent, enriching the atmosphere by coloring it with red, gold, white and green, the colors that most distinguish this festivity and that are most used to decorate the tree and our homes.
The lights that adorn the streets of the town, warming the environment, the stalls that offer visitors antiques, decorations, local culinary and wine products that enrich your lunch on Christmas day with courses ranging from appetizers to desserts, making the atmosphere even more magical and suggestive. All this is accompanied by the music that lends itself as a background to this very special moment.
In this festive period we are delighted by the scent of roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, hot chocolate that teases our noses and brings warmth on winter days. When they see the games and sweets, children are enchanted and always ask for some, just what is needed to make this experience even sweeter. The parents are also involved In the various activities dedicated to them in the markets, giving them the chance to also become a little child themselves again. One last thing that cannot be absent these days, since it’s essential to decorate the town for celebration: the tree.
The tree, decorated with balls and colorful lights adds charm, attracts many visitors who can admire it and gives that extra touch that is needed to transform the town into a Christmas village and make us feel like we are in a fairy tale, along with the markets.

In short, the Christmas markets are a special occasion to visit the town that hosts them, a wonderful experience for everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, they are the favorite destination for those who love the holidays and those with a great Christmas spirit. But do you know what makes this moment even more special? The snow. Because the snow brings us back, it makes us feel that emotion we felt as children, when we were carefree and waiting for all this: the festive air, the markets, the lights, the scents, but probably even more the Christmas gifts.

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24 January