Verminesca Heronry

The Verminesca heronry extends over the territories of Cozzo, Sant'Angelo and Castelnovetto, and occupies an area of 173 hectares. It is a swampy strip along the Guida canal, where humid black alder woods alternate with expanses of marshy vegetation. The little bittern, a small solitary heron specialized in mimicry, nests among the marshy vegetation.

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Heronry of the Abbey of Acqualunga
Heronry of the Abbey of Acqualunga
The heronry of the Abbey of Acqualunga in the Municipality of Frascarolo includes three wooded areas, in one of which there is a colony of herons, the most interesting one in the region. All five species of gregarious herons that nest in Italy are present, unique in Lombardy.
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Heronry of Celpenchio
Heronry of Celpenchio
The heronry of Celpenchio is located between the municipalities of Cozzo, Rosasco and Castelnovetto, on an area of 140 hectares. It extends into a marshy depression of swamps, ponds, networks of canals and woods, and is home to the largest colony purple herons in Lomellina. Among the mammals we can find a skunk.