Heronry of Cascina Notizia

The heronry of Cascina Notizia, near Goido (hamlet of Mede), is a hygrophilous grove of 75 hectares often interrupted by large clearings, dominated by herbaceous species living in a humid environment. Here as well we find an ornithofauna typical of the lowland areas, including the little grebe, the coot and the little bittern.

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Villa Biscossi Heronry
Villa Biscossi Heronry
The Villa Biscossi heronry extends for 72 hectares in a very luxuriant humid grove. The black alder is the dominant essence, as well as elderberries and dogwoods. Gray herons are the first to occupy part of the heronry at the end of January; followed by night herons, little egrets and, in the second half of April, red herons and squacco herons.
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Rinalda Heronry
Rinalda Heronry
The Rinalda heronry, located in Candia, with its 37 hectares is a small wetland, fed by fountains and crossed by numerous irrigation canals. A consistent colony of night herons and egrets nests here, but the diversification of the environments also offers refuge to other species of birds, such as the green woodpecker, which is now rare in the Po Valley.