The House of Prayer and the "Mater Misericordiae" sanctuary of Cozzo: a peaceful break

A welcoming oasis for those in need of silence, meditation and prayer.

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The House of Prayer and the
The House of Prayer and the
The House of Prayer and the
The House of Prayer and the
The House of Prayer and the
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As soon as we enter the “House of Prayer” we breathe an air of simplicity, which immediately slows down our usual everyday run, almost forcing us to stop, observe and contemplate; we look around trying to understand which Mystery surrounds this place.
The internal courtyard is reminiscent of the ancient cloisters where long ago monks pursued unity with the Lord through meditation and contemplation, immersed in silence, prayer and work. This courtyard is surrounded on three sides by a porch, which was built by alpinist volunteers from Biella.

The Sisters of Charity present in this structure represent a family walking in love. Silence, prayer and charity are the main elements of this place. In this house there is always space for those who are open to listening and those who teach that the most important story is the one we are living today, the one we own, the one we need to spend in a meaningful way, for our own well being and that of everything around us, from people to the Creation.
A Walk of Charity having as protagonists women who chose to say yes to God everyday, choosing to donate their life or part of it to the poor, the children, the elderly, the weak and all those going through times of difficulty or want to spend some time in silence.

The keyword is: CHARITY.

Here groups of young people accompanied by animators, families, lay people and consecrated people, giving them the opportunity to spend hours or days in peace, to be housed in the modest rooms and use the common kitchen. 

Little by little, thanks to the volunteers who donate part of their time inside this oasis, prayer and meditation trails are being developed, along with spaces where you can spend time in silence, broken only by the sound of the adjacent Church’s bells, the melody of crickets during summer and the song of the rooster who has become the conductor of the great garden. The Soul is born again in this primordial silence.
A trail, covered in wisteria during summer, narrates a brief episode of Jesus’ life, based on John’s Gospel, 4, titled “to the Well of Sichar”. Whoever is intrigued by this tale can be accompanied by the sisters to read and meditate on the most important points of this Story, written on wooden panels, all the way to the Well.

There is also a picturesque underground Crypt with romanesque walls, the “Saint Eusebius” Crypt, where one can pray, meditate or simply stay in silence as long as you want while looking for a Special Rest.
The altar is an ancient millstone and the herringbone niche where the Holy Tabernacle is situated, is part of the original wall of the ancient Church, once property of the Cluniac monks.
A small library in this meditative context offers the dwellers who request it books mainly dealing with religion and philosophy.

Beside the House of Prayer stands the tiny but picturesque “Mater Misericordiae Sanctuary”.
The statue of the Mater Misericordiae Madonna came from Biella after a series of misadventures, a sculpture which is said to have stopped a fire and later saved itself from a flood; this is why it is nicknamed the Madonna of water and fire. It was later restarted by some young people from the community of Biella and placed in the small Church in may 1987. On February 4th 1992, the Church received the title “Mater Misericordiae Sanctuary”.
The beautiful chandelier inside was gifted by some local farmers.

This bit of Heaven can be summed up by two quotes taken from the Holy Inspirations of the House of Prayer:
“Love is infinitely creative.” (Saint Vincenzo de Paoli - Charismatic Father)
“God alone is enough!” (Saint Teresa of Avila - Spiritual Mother)

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