The cold cuts from Lomellina

The cured meats producers from Lomellina keep the tradition and authenticity of the territory alive through typical cold cuts and one of a kind products

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Lomellina, a territory immersed in the tranquility of its fertile fields, rich in history and culinary tradition. Every small town preserves and passes on local recipes and delicacies, many of which have received territorial acknowledgements to certify their uniqueness and deliciousness, from one generation to another

Among its most emblematic products the cold cuts, made with care and devotion by the local producers according to tradition, stand out. The cured meats producers of Lomellina keep alive an antique knowledge, never sacrificing the authenticity of their products and always protecting the territory’s identity.

This strong connection with the Lomellina, along with their well-known high quality and their undefeated uniqueness, have earned many of the cold cuts from Lomellina the titles of De.Co (Municipal Designation) and De.C.O. (Municipal Designation of Origin) as a symbol of excellence of local producers.

The cured meats producers don’t just stop at pork meat, they create typical delicacies, such as the poultry cold cuts, which use and enhance the agricultural supply chain of the territory.

The flavors, the fragrances and the culinary history of Lomellina are cherished in its finest cold cuts!

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