Sant'Alessandro Heronry

The Sant'Alessandro heronry is located in the Municipality of Zeme: with an extension of 256 hectares, it is the largest in the province of Pavia. It has a great variety of environments: a humid forest of black alders, some bushy areas of willows, expanses of marsh reeds, hammerheads and sedges, and vast areas flooded by spring waters devoid of vegetation.

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Rinalda Heronry
Rinalda Heronry
The Rinalda heronry, located in Candia, with its 37 hectares is a small wetland, fed by fountains and crossed by numerous irrigation canals. A consistent colony of night herons and egrets nests here, but the diversification of the environments also offers refuge to other species of birds, such as the green woodpecker, which is now rare in the Po Valley.
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Lago di Sartirana Heronry
"Lago di Sartirana" Heronry
The "Lago di Sartirana" heronry is located near an oxbow lake formed in the 18th century by a bend in the Sesia river. It has long been known not only for its luxuriant reeds but also for its migratory birdlife.