Rice Mills in Lomellina

Land of rice and rice mills: the cultivation of one of the typical products from Lomellina

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Golden fields of rice color the landscape of Lomellina, influencing the local culture and especially the culinary tradition. The beauty of the territory, which has always attracted tourists’ curiosity, lies in the underwater fields which reflect the blue sky on sunny days and they surround us with an enchanted atmosphere, along with the castles of the area.
In fact, the abundance of water springs and of rivers, in particular Sesia, Po and Ticino, makes Lomellina a privileged territory for the production of rice, which is demonstrated by the many local rice mills dealing with the attentive selection of the best varieties of rice and with granting clients high quality products.

The history of rice and rice mills blends inevitably with the territory’s history ever since 1400 and its well known richness has attracted for many centuries noble families who settled in Lomellina, leaving remains of infinite historic and artistic value behind.
Nowadays we can retrace the history of the rice production techniques, starting from the Middle Ages up until today’s rice mills. 
Museums, manors and monuments still contain traces and tools of this cultivation in the historical municipalities of Lomellina and they provide a framework of the importance of rice for the history and economy of the territory. 

From the fields to the rice mills to our tables, local producers keep the tradition of rice alive in Lomellina with incomparable products.

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