Palude Loja regional reserve

The Palude Loja regional reserve is located between the municipalities of Sant'Angelo and Zeme. It is a wetland fed by springs along the Guida and Raina canals, with hygrophilous vegetation of black alder, willow and reeds.

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Heronry of Gallia
Heronry of Gallia
The heronry of Gallia is located in the Municipality of Galliavola. It was established in 1996 by the Lombardy Region and occupies an area of approximately 23 hectares.
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Bosco Basso Heronry
Bosco Basso Heronry
The Bosco Basso heronry is located in the municipalities of Breme and Sartirana. The high humidity of the soil is maintained by some natural springs, from which the Giardino cable and the Massa colatore branch off, used for irrigation purposes. Among the reeds there are also examples of bittern, a non-gregarious heron, river nightingale and great reed warblers.