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Country fairs and events in Lomellina: an opportunity to celebrate the wine and food delicacies of the territory, and so much more.

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Whether they are dedicated to religious festivities, to the local patron saint of the Lomellina municipalities or to the visibility of typical products, country fairs are exceptional occasions to breathe in the festive atmosphere and to watch small towns be crowded by visitors coming from everywhere, attracted by the promise of good food, music and great company
Fairs are fundamental events for the everyday life and economy of the territory, not only because of the attention and visits they attract towards the hosting municipalities, but also due to the importance they manage to attribute to local products and cuisine. The history and tradition of Lomellina can be tasted in a single bite thanks to the delicacies offered by the fairs’ menus.

Some of the most delicious and popular products from Lomellina have fairs dedicated to them, in order to promote local production or cultivation as well as the culinary tradition developed around them. Prepared with care and passion by local cooks following recipes passed on from generation to generation, fairs attest to the richness of the territory and they intrigue visitors who want to try the famous specialities, year after year.

Aside from the delicious traditional food, fairs unite everyone also thanks to their events meant to entertain every age group, the older and the younger. Popular games, stalls and many other opportunities ready to welcome you and to give you an unforgettable experience!

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